Thanks for stopping by my site! My name is Ronnie Lindberg. I´m a photographer and traveller at heart, but have also  worked as an aeronautical engineer, project management consultant and line manager. I started this site as a way to make my travelling experiences count for more than my own memories. I’ve experienced genuine hospitality and friendliness where all I saw at first was poverty and despair. I’ve been fortunate to travel to desolate and remote areas, where I’ve seen people caring for the survival of endangered animals and sustainable living for local communities.   There are people whos commitment help make the world a little better – and I want to contribute in my own way. 50% of the profit from poster sales on this site goes towards one of three charity projects that you, as a customer, choose. On my site you can keep track of total donations made so far. If you like my posters you are more than welcome to link to this site, or “like” it on facebook by clicking the link on the main page or here

Gothenburg, Sweden, 2012

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